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Bite Information
MyBite#: 178
Date Bitten: 6/21/2000 Body Part: Ankle
City: Raleigh State/Country: North Carolina
Found Spider: No Severity of Bite: 2 - Somewhat Severe
Recurring Bite: No Pet Story: No
Medications: Ichthammol, Tea Tree Oil

Brown Recluse Spider Bite

Brown Recluse Spider Bite

Date: Friday, July 14, 2000 7:10 AM
Subject: BRS Bite

Hi Mark,

My name is Julie; I'm a 43-year old woman from Raleigh, NC. I too have
a brs bite story to share. Upon searching the web, I came across your
site, and your site was also recommended by Dr. Abrams and LeeAnn in Texas.

I was bitten unknowingly on Wednesday June 21. I first felt pain that
evening around 6:30pm while I was grappling. Thus, I didn't think too
much of pain. A few hours later at home, I noticed a little red u above
my right ankle bone. I thought it odd and did nothing.

Over the next day or so the site evolved to a red triangular region
(about 1" by 3/4") with a central sore spot. Within that central sore,
it appeared that another triangle was inscribed with a central black
spot. The site remained as such over the weekend, and my concern grew.

On Monday I spoke with my instructor of martial arts and natural
healing. Five days after the bite, he diagnosed it as a brs bite. He
gave me ichthammol, a drawing salve commonly used on horses and cows.
On Thursday I saw my regular doctor for a second opinion. He did not
know. He called another older doctor in. He wasn't sure - said it
could be but I didn't have the spider to prove it. They recommended I
use neosporin so for my visit I got a new bandage with neosporin. That
night I returned to using ichthammol.

Then on Saturday evening July 1, the bite site changed ... remarkable!
It was that Saturday that I began searching the web for more info. It
was then that I had come across ... I've just drawn a blank on the name
of the guy who detailed his spider bite story with email ... anyway,
scanning that I had noticed he had said something about two rings of
blisters .... That evening when I changed the bandage I saw to my
amazement two overlapping rings of blisters each with a central bull's
eye. Immediately I showed it to my husband. At this time, we began
photography. The rings show up well as the blisters kept the color of
the ichthammol.

I have a thorough photographic record of subsequent changes and
progress. I have taken notes so I can well describe my story and the
course of treatment that has been effective for me. Presently I am
establishing a site with my pictures (with help from my husband). At
this time, I have not put any text in. If you would like to see
pictures of my bite from July 1 through July 11, visit the site

Let me know what you think and if you have any problems accessing it. I
continue with daily photographs and will add as I get pictures developed
and scanned.

This bite is an incredible and inconvenient experience. I consider
myself very fortunate not to have gotton sick with fever, and my bite is
relatively small compared to some I have seen. Nonetheless this is
serious ... any brs bite is serious! I have a hole in above my ankle
which will remain for months. I hope that I have successfully gotton
all the toxin out of my body so that I won't have recurrences.

My course of treatment has included the drawing salve for pulling toxins
out. I used tea tree oil and sometimes hydrogen peroxide for cleaning
the site. I have made a poultice with several herbs (a leaf of plantain
that I picked from my own front yard with liquid preparations of
plantain, comfrey, and usnea). I also drank yellowdock tea ... yucky
tasting stuff but good for cleansing toxins from the body. Before the
wound scabbed up and then the scab came off, I was instructed to keep
off my feet, something very hard to do with busy life and children.

Now the site looks like a little volcano ... a raised ring with a
central depression. As it heals, I hope that the depression will go
away ... that indicates that the toxin was successfully removed and I
won't have recurrences. I am now keeping it open to air during the day
(today being the first full day of my doing that). I keep a light coat
of bag balm on it to keep it moist.

Please feel free to email me at

I am happy to speak with anyone about these bites.


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