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Bite Information
MyBite#: 849 Name: Rosa
Date Bitten: 12/5/2002 Body Part: Back
City: Albany State/Country: Georgia
Found Spider: No Severity of Bite: 1 - Minor
Recurring Bite: No Pet Story: No
Medications: Keflex, Neosporin
EMail: Rosa

Brown Recluse Spider Bite

Brown Recluse Spider Bite

I want to add that although I had this bite 12/02 I have had what seem to be reoccurances at the same site.. actually where the scar tissue is. I have no clue what is causing that phenomena.

Its now Feb 2006. I'm 34 and since this bite I have developed two massive pulmonary emboli and

I am going to keep a record here, more like a journal. I hope others will find it helpful. I got the diagnosis dec 9.The earlier part of this is quite panicked, but I am going to leave it as I wrote it. I have been keeping neosporin soaked on the site covered by a sterile bandage.

I think these feelings are quite normal, so if you are reading this and think that you have a bite or know that you do but feel that you are feeling crazy -thats ok.
Today is Dec 6 and I got back from the emergency room this evening. That was fairly uneventful. The Dr did not seem to want to take this seriously stating that it looked like the acne that I have on my back and pronounced it as a badly infected pimple! This is nonsense as it certainly does not feel like a pimple and after having dealt with sever acne for over 16 years (I am 32) I know what even the worst of my 'pimples' feel like.

I woke up yesterday morning, sometime in the early morning with the realization that a spider was crawling along my back under my gown and then I felt what was like a pinch or a small burn and i played it off, and shook out the covers.

When I got up, I kept feeling like my shoulder was cramping, like a muscel ache or strain in the area but it wasnt untill about 3pm that I noticed something was wrong. I reached under my shirt to rub the area, it was burning and felt a bit like it was 'pulling' and then felt what a small hole in my skin. I wasnt feeling to well overall and trying to get a lot of work done on the computer, but the sensation was bothering me and the immage from the night before. I went to the bathroom to try to get a good view of it, but because of its location all i could see was a red lump.

By about 6, it was really starting to hurt and it felt like it had grown. I was starting to feel a bit crazy, like being caught in a bad remake of 'aliens'. Even nasty pimples dont grow this fast. I began to think I had some kind of boil and asked my roomate to look at it. Part of what was bothering me was a hole with no puss that seemed to be enlarging. Every nasty pimple i have had lumped up then would eventually rupture and drain.

His reaction concerened me. "this thing has a black hole in the center" and I asked him-- are you sure and he said "It looks different, this is strange. Should it be black like that?" It was throbing and cramping so I took some 800mg motrin that I had around from an ankel sprain but it didnt seem to do what I expected.

Granted, I had nightmares last night - perhaps thankfully - that brought back some of the things my dad had told me that terrified me of spiders to start with. He had these stories of patients he had seen when he was at MCG whoes flesh was rotting away from bites they had gotten. I had always taken this as a bit of tail spinning and exageration, myself.

The lump was worse when i got up. It felt hard, like a nickel laid flat under my skin. When I looked in the mirror, I could get a side glace of what appears to be a black center in the lump. My right arm and shoulder felt strange - almost alseep when I worke up and still has an odd sensation. I was feeling really nevous with this feeling that something is off, I still do. I started doing web searches and at first I found sites that showed what I now realize are later stages in this or very sever cases. I told myself, "that isnt what this is. something bit me, thats certain and its worse than the wasp bite I got years ago, but it isnt that."

The pain today has seemed more on and off, but I have certainly felt nuts. I managed to find this website because it kept 'eating at me". I found the pictures and the descriptions and a lot of it seemed all too familiar. I asked my son to look at them then compare them to my 'spot'. After a few minutes he decided that it looked like the same thing and I had my roomate take a look as well. I drove out to the emergency room and they came along. on the way I realized I was feeling a bit dizzy and spacy and having a hard time concentrating on driving.

When I showed it to the triage nurse and explained what had happened, they took me back immediately. I was stumbling over comming up with little facts like my age and ss#

When the Dr came in, he looked at it. He said that if it wasnt for the acne he would be concerned that it might actually be a spider bite since it 'looks like it', but then decided that it was a badly infected pimple. He had the nurse clean it and dress it with antibiotic ointment and gave me a prescription for anti-biotics and told me to get a follow-up appointment.

It seems to me its worse yet than it was then. I think what terrifies me is the question of - Just how bad will this get? I still feel like I am caught in some B horror movie with this rapidly growing and changing 'thing' on my back. I think that is intensified because I cant 'see it myself'.

Perhaps I am over reacting with this sense of wonedring if this is something that I am going to live through or if I am going to end up with some gaping hole exposing my shoulder blade, or what.

I hope to have some pictures tommarow morning, for those of you out there as well as for me!


dec 7 3.43 am- this thing hurts so I woke up my roomate and had him snap some pictures. Most of the 'spots' you see are actually acne scars, its the one with the round black center that is the trouble. My roomate said that center seems to have nearly doubled in size but the red area doesnt look as 'bad'. What's with the crampy feeling up toward the right side of my neck?

I'm pretty settled with looking at the pictures close up that my feelings are right but I suppose its a matter of how this plays out from here.

dec 8.00 pm - My son tells me that the black spot looks like a deep hole that he can see into. I started getting really bad headache earlier today and I haven't felt like eating much. I' taking keflex 500 mgs 3 times a day. I think this is going to be fairly minor compared to other cases on the site.
Admittedly what I wrote yesterday seem a bit 'out there'. The hole seems to be a bit larger but i think the overall area is still about the same. Its not as much of a lump now but its still very bright red.

dec 9 10:16 pm - Earlier today I confirmed that it is a bite, but I was told that there really is no reason to do anything more than what I am already doing. I was told that the greatest danger is an infection setting in the open wound that would cause it to become worse, so keep taking the anti-biotics and keep the hands off of it. So far I have tried to keep from contaminating it by over treating it because every time you touch a wound you take the risk of transfering bacteria into the wound that otherwise would not be there. Keflex is a broad spectrum antibiotic and is effective in helping prevent a wide variety of bacterial infections - so people out there- if you have one of these and the Dr gives you antibiotics and you are wondering why if its a bite notan infection, there is a very good reason.

I was told that I did the right thing and had I not gotten antibiotics immediately I could be already in a real mess with this, but instead I have a rather clean dry wound at this point. It looks like it is going to be rather minor.

Also, I found out that my brother got a bite on his arm while living here with my Mother 2 years ago in this same house. His did not stop spreading so they cut it out and stiched it up. I now wonder if the health problems he has had over the last couple years are related to it. He has had a rash off and on, trouble eating and keeping weight on and sores that wont heal. Apparently the Drs thought he had developed sugar problems but they have never been able to find any elevated blood levels.

I will see if I can send some more pics soon. The wound is just an open raw white spot with pink skin around it where the lump was. The whole center simple fell out in a lump. The skin around the area seems to be peeling like a bad sunburn and it itches like crazy so it is a real challenge to keep my hands off it - although its sensitive as can be.

I no longer have the crampy muscels on the side of my back and up my neck, although I still feel a bit on the ill side. Now it seems alot more like a 'sore' with a more of the usual sore 'ouch'. It reminds me a lot of a deep burn i got years ago in the way that it looks and feels at this point.

Its now Feb 2006. I'm 34 and since this bite I have developed two massive pulmonary emboli and fibromyalgia. Right now I have a bloodclot inside my eye. The whole thing seems to me to be related to the bites -- especially since the pain that later became more generalized started out as a reocurance of the exact pain i had in the muscels over the side of my back where I was bitten.

My brother has developed simular problems.

peace - rosa - out

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