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Bite Information
MyBite#: 2478
Date Bitten: 6/6/2006 Body Part: Arm
City: Biloxi State/Country: Mississippi
Found Spider: No Severity of Bite: 2 - Somewhat Severe
Recurring Bite: No Pet Story: No
Medications: Bactroban 2%, Tylenol

Brown Recluse Spider Bite

Brown Recluse Spider Bite

While traveling on business and staying at a hotel in Biloxi, MS, I awoke one morning to discover two little bites on my right arm about 1/4 inch apart. Other than itching, I dismissed them as small bug bites and went about my business. Within 24 hours the bites had "meshed" together and had swollen to the size of a quarter and began to cause me quite a bit of pain. Withing 48 hours, the bites were now the size of a half dollar, had become quite blistered and were oozing.

I sought medical attention in the ER and was told it was most likely a brown recluse or similar and that the wound was now infected. I was given Bactrim antibiotich and Bactroban cream. These both seemed to have some success in battling the swelling and itching but the "wound" is still significantly read and tender to the touch. A subsequent rash has begun to encircle the original wound which now looks like a bullseye. I feel confident it is healing though as everyday the symptons diminish a little more.

UPDATE: 6/22/06: The original picture I sent in was 8 days post bite and about 4 days post treatment. Staying true to my anitbiotic prescription and topical cream, I have improvement in the wound area. The swelling and pain have dimished mostly but the itching is still considerate. Additionally, I have a rash that is now developing in a larger area surround the original wound. It travels almost down to my wrist and up my arm towards the arm pit.

I have not had any of the necrosis like others have spoken about so I don't know if this means I was bitten by something other than a BRS but with that being said, after 16 days, there is still significant skin/flesh irritation and "scarring". The two red spots (the original bites) are actually numb. There is no feeling at all in them and they are very calloused (almost like a really thick scab but there is no scabbing).

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