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The Wound Healing over Time
July 9, 2002

1 month after initial bite -

The wound continues to heal. Keeping Vitamin E oil on it. The scab area is shrinking.  If the itching gets bad I spray it with Lanacane (Anti-Bacterial First Aid Spray). I try to keep the site uncovered since it is easily irritated.

It is taking longer to get 'back on my feet' than I expected.  My leg can only take a couple hours of standing and walking before it needs rest and elevation. I no longer walk stiff-legged (I can navigate stairs!).  The heat/weather continue to effect me and I've been lightheaded several times.

A varicose vein below the knee has been aggravated by this bite.

It just takes time......

August 2, 2002
Scab Falling Off / Normal Energy Levels - 5 weeks

The scab has fallen off the small bite on the right and the big bite's middle section.

My energy levels returned to normal this week. Yeah!  The leg lags behind -- it still requires rest. 

Around the wound  I have been feeling regular 'energy pulses' -- reminds me of holding on to an electric fence as a kid.  Wonder what the nerve endings are up to?

Doing a rotation of  no medication (let it dry out),Vitamin E and Antibiotic Ointment.

August 11, 2002
6 weeks

As the scab falls off the exposed “skin” is very, very sensitive!  Hurts when anything touches it.  Dimpled (hair follicles?). 

Is there a "Bite Me" sign on my back???
A wasp bit me hard on the back of my elbow through my shirt. It immediately swelled up and was red for several days.  My immune system must be compromised.  That took my mind off my leg.  :-)

August 17, 2002
2 months after initial bite -

I feel my ordeal is over and I'm back to normal.  The wound doesn't hurt even though it isn't finished healing.  I have full use of my leg.  My energy levels are back to 'high'.

The wound's edge still has a purplish cast and increases the more I stand on my leg.  At this point people think I had a bad burn.  I still put Vitamin E oil on it once a day and lotion as needed.  There will be no need for plastic surgery.

I haven't developed a spider phobia but I do practice more caution and look closely at every spider I see.  I also examine every little bite or sore spot that appears with great detail.

There are those that say my bite can't be from a Brown Recluse Spider since these spiders aren't known to live in Wisconsin and I didn't catch the culprit. (I argue that with world travel these days and the climate changes, the spiders could be anywhere.)  I am open to hearing what could cause such a bite if not a BRS?  Please send details and pictures of these other spiders or insects and their resulting wounds.  It is hard to protect yourself from getting bit again when you are not certain what got you or where and when. (Analysis of my bite from a reader.)

2 month

3 months after initial bite -

By this scar you would never guess the ordeal I went through only 3 months ago.  The scar is smooth but the middle is sensitive to touch.

I continue to apply lotion, Vitamin E Oil or Golden Salve (herbal remedy by Equinox Botanicals) on a daily and as needed basis.

6 months after initial bite -

The scar continues to heal.  It aches a bit at times.  After any period of standing the site continues to develop a purplish cast.

1 year later -

Just a scar on the back of my leg...

July 10, 2003 - 1 year later
3 years later -

Scar is barely noticeable.


If you are bit by a Brown Recluse Spider please document your story in our BRS database. By sharing information we are gathering important data on this spider's bite.  Also don't forget to take lots of pictures!  They are invaluable in the diagnosis process.

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