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First Animal
  17-Year Cicadas
  American Robin
  Baltimore Oriole
  Belted Kingfisher
  Big Eyed Click Bee
  Black & Yellow Arg
  Blackburnian Warbl
  Black-capped Chick
  Blue Jay
  Blue-spotted Salam
  Brown Bat
  Brown Prionid
  Brown-headed Cowbi
  Cecropia Moth
  Cedar Waxwing
  Common Water Strid
  Cope's Gray Treefr
  Cottontail Rabbit
  Dung Beetle
  Eastern American T
  Eastern Black Swal
  Eastern Bluebird
  Eastern Chipmunk
  Eastern Eyed Click
  Eastern Gray Treef
  Eastern Hognose Sn
  Eastern Phoebe
  Eastern Towhee
  Gray Fox
  Gray Squirrel
  Hummingbird Moth
  Indigo Bunting
  Long-horned Beetle
  Luna Moth
  Mourning Dove
  Northern Cardinal
  Northern Leopard F
  Northern Spring Pe
  Northern Walking S
  Ouachita Map Turtl
  Periodical Cicadas
  Pileated Woodpecke
  Purple Finch
  Rainbow Scarab
  Red Fox
  Red Squirrel
  Red-bellied Woodpe
  Red-headed Woodpec
  Red-tailed Hawk
  Ring-necked Pheasa
  Ruffed Grouse
  Sandhill Crane
  Scarlet Tanager
  Sharp-shinned Hawk
  Short-tailed Shrew
  Spined Soldier Bug
  Tiger Swallowtail
  Timber Rattlesnake
  Tufted Titmouse
  Turkey Vulture
  Twelve-Spotted Ski
  Virginia Opossum
  White-Faced Meadow
  White-tailed Deer
  Widow Skimmer
  Wild Turkey
  Wolf Spider
  Wood Duck
  Woolly Bear Caterp
  Yellow Jacket
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Photographs by Linda Roos