Prairie Remnants    Quote: Theodore Roosevelt
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September 2007 - The late September prairie has come to life in white, lavender, and dark purple-colored asters. At least six different varieties - Silky Aster, Smooth Aster, New England Aster, Heath Aster, Small White Aster, and Calico Aster can be found on the neighbor's prairie and mine.
I think it does not come easily to us to love such a land. It is easy to love a mountain, with its inherent grandeur, handsome profile and aristocratic air. But the prairie's charms take more looking. The prairie doesn't run off with your heart the way a mountain does. Its beauties are subtle, rooted in the hues of the grasses, the undulations of the land, the infinite sky. The prairie is a girl whose beauty lies in her smile...
- Theodore Roosevelt

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